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What’s the most recommended way to encrypt a db backup now days? Still gpg? For sure looking for public/private as don’t want my worker doing the backup and shipping it to storage to have a key to decrypt it.

But problem comes if I ever want to automate a restore in anyway.. 😶

I hope that people will learn the lesson and will be more serious thinking about own and others lives.

: looks like we just have passed the "point of no return", missed the opportunity to make amends for the sharp increase in disease and most of the world's population will be infected, and very fast! catastrophically fast!

From 2015: "The next outbreak? We’re not ready" a TED talk by Bill Gates

The virus spreads around the world at crazy speed! using Newrelic, Google analytics and Perimeterx trackers on it site :(

What a Beautiful Day today!
> 20200202 <

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